Northeast Texas Area Fire Protection School

     Students have come from around the state to participate in this unique fire school. Some students have even traveled from Louisiana to train at these facilities. Students must be 18 years of age or older and depending on the class be taken must meet NFPA 1403 Standard for Live Fire Evolutions before training on these types of projects.

  This school is hosted by the Northeast Texas District of the State Firefighters and Fire Marshals' Association of Texas. The facilities are provided by Eastman Chemical Company of Longview, Texas. The school is conducted under guidance of TEEX.  .

October 5-7, 2019

Northeast Texas Fireman and Fire Marshal's Association


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     The Live Fire Projects include: Pumps Seal Fire, Pipe Rack Fire and an combination of a Chemical Complex and Tank Farm Fire. The facility uses pressurized Heptane to fuel the projects. With this the student can obtain a lot of knowledge on hose handling, nozzle patterns, teamwork and the proper application to suppress these types of fires.

​     As for the instructors, they are local firefighters that have been in the fire service for various amounts of time. They have a want and willingness to pass along the knowledge the have obtained over the years. All lead instructors and Instructor certified and vetted though the school board. 

     We also offer a variety of other courses like Confined Space Rescue a 16 hour course that allows the local volunteer firefighters to obtain good training locally and not have to travel a great distance. We off an all in one type training call Interior and Exterior Fire Ground Operations. This is a very valuable training for volunteers, it allows the to work form a call being dispatched to Incident Command, Fire Ground Accountability and Fire Behavior. We have CAFS class to familiarize firefighters with this new technique of firefighting. They learn about the components, application and how it effects fire behavior.

     Thank you for checking us out. The links above will get you to the TEEX flyer and an Early Registration Form that can be printed and sent to the association.